Getting Started

2016-2017 Manager's Meeting Power Point Presentation

Getting Started

Have a Team Meeting - prepare agenda and distribute paperwork (medical forms, ensure parent contact info on RAMP is accurate)

At the parent meeting ensure you distribute workload for the season. (Fundraising, treasury, equipment managements etc)

  • Help coaches facilitate jersey number selection and add the numbers to your roster on RAMP and CAHL or SCAHL
  • Prepare a managers file with relevant information, forms and game labels to bring to every game and practice
  • Get your team's website created and information inputted into RAMP (director will give you your team's log in and PW)

Prepare Game Labels-Using the Export Game Labels option on RAMP

  • Card Coaches.  AMHA will card up to 5 coaches, assistants or trainers to be listed on the Team Roster.  Managers do not need to be carded unless they plan to be on the bench.
  • If applicable, purchase socks, apparel, Cs and As for captains and assistants.
  • Email or provide a hard copy of the Health Care Form to each family for each player and keep complete forms on file and have copies at every game for reference. Duplicate copies should be left in first aid kit for coach/trainer to access on the bench
  • Set up Team Bank Account with Treasurer (ensuring it is a two to sign account)

Home Exhibition Games:

All teams in all divisions are required to obtain a home exhibition game permit when hosting an out of town team for exhibition play.  A form to obtain this permit is located on the drop down menu under the manager's tab.


For details about our local ref association please refer to the Referees section under the managers tab.
or go to

CAHL Teams:

AMHA Travel Teams should never contact CAHL directly under any circumstance. Our CAHL director for AMHA is Todd Slaney All issues, questions or concerns can be directed to him. His contact information is available under executive on our homepage.

Travel Teams Data Entry:

CAHL now requires each CAHL team to provide a data entry person. There is a tutorial on the CAHL website that outlines the gamesheet data entry proces.

Additional People On Ice: 

Teams wanting to hire or invite instructors such as a goalie coach or powerskating instuctor they do not require a special permit to do so. Players and coaches are insured under Hockey Alberta however outside instructors will require their own insurance. If the person you are inviting out does not have insurance they need to be informed that AMHA will not be liable.
If your team would like to include an On-Ice Helper or Jr Coach please see the form below for details.
On-Ice Helper/Jr. Coach Application Form

Affiliation Information:

Only players who are officially on your team roster as players or affiliates may play with your team.  Teams cannot at anytime just pick up a player, brother, sister etc. and add them for a game of any kind, league, exhibition or tournament.


AMHA has an affiliation chart that helps divide the players amongst the teams so that each team can have some affiliates.  The affiliation process does start at the higher teams and then go to the lower teams in regards to who chooses who first. Only players who have been officially added to your Hockey Canada Roster as affiliates may play on your team.  We have a deadline to affiliate players of December 15th.   A player may only be affiliated to one team.


Only coaches that have been carded to your team are allowed on your bench for games.  Coaches that are carded to other AMHA teams may attend your practice and help on the ice for practices but may not go on your bench unless they are carded to your team.  If you have a day where you are short coaches, you cannot just grab a willing parent and throw them on the bench.

AMHA City League Rules

AMHA city teams are expected to follow the Hockey Canada Rules. Please read City League Game Administration for information specific to Airdrie Minor Hockey 









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