FAQs Coaching in AMHA

Who can be on my bench during games?


Your team sent me a list of bench staff.  Only those people can be on your bench during your games.


Two of my assistants can’t make our game can one of our parents go on the bench just for that game?


No, if you have someone on your bench or on the ice during your game, player, coach, assistant, trainer, etc. who is not on your roster, you will risk being indefinitely suspended from coaching.


Who can be on the ice during my team practices?


Your team sent me a list of bench staff.  Those people and any other coaches, assistants, etc. who are on a roster with AMHA for another team can be on the ice for your practices.  If you hire an outside provider for powerskating or other development you need to make sure that that provider/instructor has their own insurance. 


I am going to be the only one at practice this week, can I just ask one of the parents to come on the ice to help?


No, only those on a roster with AMHA can go on the ice for practice.  All others are not insured.  If you need help contact your director, the coach co-ordinator or the minor hockey office.


My other son is in Midget can I just have him come to my practices to help out?


Yes you can, but you must go to the coaches tab and fill out the Jr. Coach Program Form and submit it to AMHA for approval. Jr. Coaches need to be 2 divisions above the team they plan to volunteer with.  Jr. Coaches can just help at practice not on the bench for games.  Jr. Coaches must wear full gear to practices.


One of my coaches doesn’t have the online Respect in Sport Coach Course is that OK?


No that is not Ok, all coaches, assistants, bench moms, etc. must take the Respect In Sport Online Course (called the Activity Leader Respect in Sport Course not to be confused with the Parent Respect in Sport Course)


I coach Pee Wee City and it is non-contact, so I don’t need to take the Checking Skills Course right?


Wrong.  All head coaches from Atom to Midget need to take the checking skills course.


I have a game with my team on the only date that is available to take the course I need, can I just take the course later or maybe next year?


No sorry.  Teams that have coaches who are not correctly certified after the November 15th deadline may be suspended.  Please don’t do this to your players.

Assistant Coaches who do not have the Respect in Sport Activity Leader Course after the deadline of November 15th will also be suspended.  They can be put back on once they have completed the course but honestly that is a lot of extra work on the admin side for me and for Hockey Alberta.


Our team received a write up with our game sheet and it appears one of our players could have a penalty that will result in a suspension, that was yesterday and we have a game today.  If I don’t hear anything about it I can just play the player right?


No, if you suspect a player, coach, assistant from your team may have a suspension please do not play the player until you hear that he/she is cleared to play.  If you play a suspended player you will be suspended indefinitely.


Our team is going to a tournament and we don’t have enough players, can I just grab a few players from another team, association or a family member to fill those spots?


The only players that can play for your team in a league, exhibition or tournament game are those who are on your roster as a player or an affiliate. If you play a player who is not listed on your roster you could be suspended indefinitely.


Who are my affiliates and when can I use them?


If your managers have not yet been sent a roster they will receive one soon and it will list your players, coaches and affiliates.  You can view our affiliation process and rules on our website.


My team wants to get a track suit but we want it to be orange, we can do that right?


No, please follow the apparel guidelines on our website.  If your team orders team wear of any kind that don’t follow our guidelines they will not be able to wear the items to AMHA functions and your team may not be given travel permits to travel outside of Airdrie.


I took some courses and paid for them how do I get my money back?


Go to our webpage and look for the reimbursement form under the coaches tab. Fill that out and email it to the email on the form. AMHA will issue you a cheque and it will be placed in your team file in the file cabinet in the Ron Ebbesen Arena.  This can take a few weeks to process.  


If you have any other questions or concerns, you can call your director, the office, the coaching co-ordinator or the VP of your stream.


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